Saturday, February 2, 2008


In this post I have decided to write from where I have gained the knowledge that I have about Moodle. As you can understand you gain experience through the process of creating a course.

But how do you gain knowledge?

My previous experience showed me that the best way is to attend in an online training program especially designed for Moodle and Moodlers. So I did a research, as I always do and I found Moodlerooms.

Moodlerooms provides wrap-around technical support services for the hugely popular, free Moodle open source software. As an official Moodle Partner , Moodlerooms provides the support, hosting, customization, instruction, training and other services you need to tap Moodle’s full potential – whether for a single class, a school or a 50,000 student university.

Furthermore, Moodlerooms offers online and onsite training for Moodle instructors.
A blend of instruction will give your instructors the skills and deliverables to run their own Moodle courses.

Lets see the 3 online courses that Moodlerooms offers:
  1. Moodle 100 for Individuals: Introduction to Moodle,
  2. Moodle 101 for Individuals: Course Creating, and
  3. Moodle 200 for Individuals: Site Administration

Personally, I have attended in Moodle 100 and 101. The instructors are very friendly and helpful. They can answer at any question related to Moodle. Also, they seem not to care about $$$ but about how they will make the educational process interactive and fun! I can definitely say that the cost is low if you consider how many things you can learn. I encourage you to attend in these online courses!

Based on the knowledge that I have gain from Moodle 100 and 101, I decided to convert a face-to-face music course into an online format, which is my major project for the Master of Education in Career and Technology Education. My committee is very satisfied with what I have done so far and I am proud with what I have achieved!

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