Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moodle Free E-Book

For an open source software we need a free e-book!

Using Moodle - Teaching with the Popular Open Source Course Management System by Jason Cole and Helen Foster is published by O'Reilly as part of the Community Press series.

The first edition of the book, written by Jason Cole and released in July 2005, is based on Moodle 1.4. The second edition, released in November 2007, has been updated to cover all the features in Moodle 1.8, such as the new roles and permissions system, blogs, messaging and the database module.

Book download

The second edition of Using Moodle is now available for download as a zipped PDF file:

Thanks to members of the worldwide Moodle user community for their discussion and documentation contributions, many of which have been included in the book.

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