Monday, April 13, 2009

Moodlemoot 2009 Oklahoma

MoodleMoot Oklahoma is now calling for presenters!

We will have a pre-moot training day on June 10, 2009, and the moot itself will be June 11 and 12, 2009.

June 10

The Pre-Moot training day will provide instruction and hands-on activities to participants who need to know basic Moodle knowledge. Topics covered will include how to set up a course, create quizzes and assignments, and using the discussion forum and glossary. If you are a new or inexperienced Moodle user it is recommended that you attend Pre-Moot.

More details will be posted when available.

June 11 & 12

Moodle Moot
We are interested in offering five tracks during the moot - curriculum, hands-on, technical, business, and Moodle 2.0.

curriculum track will focus on using Moodle for curriculum development and delivery and cool & unique ways to use Moodle in the classroom. If you are using Moodle in some exciting ways, we'd love to have you present.

hands-on track will focus on teaching others how to set up courses and use various components of Moodle. Computer labs will be provided and limited to 10-15 users each, with help (hopefully) to keep everyone on track with what you're doing. This track was the most popular last year and we could use all the help you can give us.

technical track will focus on technical and administrative aspects of Moodle. How are you securing Moodle? What have you done with Moodle code that lets you do just what your organization needs? We'll have our fair share of geeks and moodle administrators that will be on the edge of their seats listening to what you have to say.

business track will focus on using Moodle for corporate training needs. Academia isn't the only place for Moodle. We think this would be a wonderful opportunity to share how Moodle is being used in other environments from small business to large organizations or government. Come teach us some of what you know.

Moodle 2.0 track will focus on showcasing the features and capabilities introduced in Moodle 2.0. If you have inside information about the improvements in Moodle 2.0 we'd love to have you come tell us about them.

If you're interested in presenting, please click the link below. The deadline for proposals is April 18, 2009. A conference schedule will be posted after the presentation proposals have been reviewed.

If need further information please click the following link

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