Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moodle Magic: Make It Happen

Hello fellow Moodlers,

Three days ago I meet online a really innovative and creative Moodler. Her name is Laurie Korte. Laurie is the author of a highly recommended book with the title, Moodle Magic, Make it Happen.

About Moodle Magic
These are amazing times for the Internet and online learning. We are seeing a rapidly increasing commitment to internet-based learning from teachers, students, and institutions of all kinds. Online learning is being used to increase flexibility and communication within existing courses and to enable courses that could never exist before. Moodles have been implemented for users at all age levels. Online classroom are here NOW! Colleges and Universities offer Distance Learning NOW! There are even Virtual High Schools NOW! Moodle is designed to help educators create online courses with opportunities for rich interaction. It is a learning management system that lets you provide documents, graded assignments, quizzes, discussion forums and more. In this book, you will learn some tips and tricks to using Moodle to expand your classroom's virtual learning environment.

About the Author
Laurie Korte is a Technology Integration Specialist at Northbrook School District 28. She is a passionate Moodler and excited about making new technology available to everyone. For more information on Laurie, Moodle and what amazing things you can do with a little Moodle training, go to http://moodlemeet.ning.com

Moodlers' Reviews
By Jeffrey R. Anson "beginning moodler" (Kalamazoo, Michigan United States)
Moodle really is magic
As a moodle beginner, I found Laurie's book informative and easy to use. It is very easy to follow, and I am enjoying creating new moodles for both students and staff to use. I'd like to see her expand with Moodle Magic Intermediate, or Moodle Magic using specific modules. If you're new to moodle, this is a great book to help get you started.

By J. Meierdirks
A must-have resource!
This easy-to-read manual provides step-by-step directions for creating courses using the latest in online learning. Moodle is fast becoming an invaluable tool for educators and anyone wanting to expand learning beyond the classroom walls. An excellent resource for school libraries and technology coordinators to help students move into the 21st century online learning experience.

By Lorijo Metz "Lorijo"
You don't need magic to use this book!
Moodle Magic is precise, detailed and easy-to-use. Korte's step by step instructions make creating moodles simple even for non-teachers and those not technologically at ease.

By M. LaCerra
Tech Taught Easily
Moodle Magic is helpful to anyone who is getting started with this technology. It's clear organization makes it easy to use. Having this book while creating and working with Moodle allows the user to have a 'hands-on' tool with them right along side the computer. This book would be useful for resource centers at schools which use Moodle. Teachers need a tool like this!

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Joseph Thibault said...

It's a great book and Laurie is definitely a Moodler worth knowing.

Also, if users are interested, FTC Publishing (who publish Laurie's book) gave us (GlobalClassroom.us) a link where it can be purchased online!

Christopher Pappas said...

Thank you for the info Joseph!

Joseph Thibault said...

probably would be good to give full disclosure that we do NOT receive any compensation for helping to sell Laurie's book (except for the gratification of helping her out).

We do however have a PD course (available with graduate credit) taught by Laurie over at Globalclassroom.

featheredflowers said...

Thank you both for all the support. I'll try to return the favor whenever possible.

Gregory Williams said...

It was a good to visit to site...last month.here we gets lotss of information about online courses...