Monday, March 31, 2008

ScreenFlow - Screen Capture Software for MAC users

As an instructional designer, I had to create video tutorials for learners or instructors. Always I had the same problem. I had to use Camtasia ($299) or Articulate ($999). Software that have been created for PC users and not for MAC users like me. I tried several screen capture software for MAC but no one was similar or better than Camtasia/Articulate. But this belong to the past...

ScreenFlow ($99) is a brand new application for creating amazing screen recordings on your Mac. Using a unique new screen capture system, powerful enough to capture the contents of your entire desktop at the same time as your video camera, microphone and computer’s audio, it’s simple to create beautiful screencasts.

When resizing high resolution screen content into a QuickTime movie, ScreenFlow uses custom GPU algorithms to give your finished movie the best possible quality. You’ll find even small text suddenly becomes legible for your viewers.

ScreenFlow was designed for Mac OS X Leopard. It makes extensive use the best of Mac OS X technologies: Core Animation, QuickLook, Spotlight, QTKit, Quartz Composer, OpenGL, Core Data and many others.

You can download free the ScreenFlow by clicking HERE
If you want to see an amazing introduction video click HERE

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